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Kramer's racist rant

Flavia's Prolapsed Anus

"Flavia doesn't understand what sinks are"
Lol wtf

They say that in the middle of Richards' skit, a man in the audience said something to the comedian, when Richards allegedly launched into an anti-Semitic rant. According to Oschin, Richards screamed at the audience member, "You f***ing Jew. You people are the cause of Jesus dying."



Still spreading the O&A virus
I've read he's not Jewish, but if that's true then he's the most Jewish looking non-Jew I've ever seen.
He even claimed he was jewish multiple times. He is also involved in freemasonry pretty heavily. Based on his physical features he is certainly not White and comes from some type of mixed background. But his publicists made him backtrack his claim of jewish ancestry which is hilarious.

He is like Dan Bongino or John and Nick Turturro where they are obviously niggers but pretend to be Italian.
Lol wtf



Still spreading the O&A virus
Shame Letterman's off the air otherwise he could make a totally well judged, not cringe inducing apology to a non laughing audience.
Because they thought it was a bit. Stupid Letterman and dumb kike Seinfeld didn't explain the situation to the audience. They assumed that some c-level nobody yelling 'nigger' on stage was like some type of comedy 9/11 that all networks had been broadcasting about 24/7. So when Kramer shows up during a Seinfeld interview that think that it was some goof and they instinctively laugh.

Kramer also was accused of calling a woman a cunt when she accidentally knocked his tape recorder off of the stool during his standup act once. She bumped into the stool and knocked the recorder over. And Kramer grabbed her and said "you'll never work in this town again you little cunt". That story got a huge laugh on O&A.

Anyone got the Kramer saga? Seems to be deleted from Youtube.