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It's understated how shitty Pat's house is.

Whenever he gets swatted and someone posts the police logs, it’s endless call outs to his same street/neigborhood for things like ‘domestic call/shooting/alcohol related etc.

It makes me so happy that he lives in a place that’s as miserable as he is.
There was a shooting on our street a few years ago and people still talk about it. For Pat's street it's a daily occurance. What a nightmare lmao.


What did you think today was going to be?
The shittyness of his house would make sense if he was renting or working every day with no time for improvements. But this unemployed deeply closeted faggot has made no effort to make the place leas of a dump. Like fuck at least clean the porch and paint it.
Cutting his shitty patch of grass he calls a lawn wouldn't even reall cost anything, but no, his laziness has to come up with bullshit about "letting nature do its thing."


I Am Racist Man Leader of the Digital Ku Klux Klan
This fat, lazy, malingering nigger is exactly why people choose to live in places with Homeowners Associations. Imagine trying to rehab your property and increase its value only for this slob to live on your block and ruin everything.
I'm sure they'd appreciate a fat headed buffoon leaving junk lumber stacked next to their house


I wonder if he will let his closest and best friend pedophile Jackson Jones live in the other side of the hovel when he’s let into a halfway house.

Patrick describes him as his closest friend and made a lot of videos with him.

Huh, making videos with a jailed pedophile who you say is your best friend. Yikes. Welp