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Is Joe Cumia standing in for John Fetterman?


He should go to jail and be punished
Hey, when you see "Anthony Cumia" and "Joe Cumia" all spelled out, do you mentally pronounce them "Anthony KOO-mia" and "Joe CUE-mia" like I do?
Yes. Ever since the Peoples Court episode I hear that dolt pronounce in my head as q-mia. Joe pronounces it differently from the rest of his family for some reason. He's retarded.


Stand Alone Fruit
I can’t believe people gave Fetterman so much money for his campaign. His campaign ads were complete bullshit - he has so little accomplishments in life because he’s a giant retard one as was - and I’m not kidding - “he played football in high school so he’ll work for you - vote fetterman!” And that he was this “blue collar factory guy” while never working a real job and living off his parents


Yes. Ever since the Peoples Court episode I hear that dolt pronounce in my head as q-mia. Joe pronounces it differently from the rest of his family for some reason. He's retarded.


Stand Alone Fruit
Don't know much about that big mongoloid, but saw that his supporters like to present him as a working class guy when he's apparently anything but.
Yes - that was his whole campaign. Most of his ads featured someone else talking instead of him because he’s such a retard. They would have this older guy telling you John is “real” and “salt of the earth” “blue collar” and other similar things. He was the mayor of a tiny shitty factory town in north west PA - pretty much the whole town was the factory - it didn’t even a bank located in it and had less than 2k people living there but he never worked any kind of factory or blue collar job because he was a trust fund kid and was a bum until his 40s. Him dressing like a slob was turned into “he’s just like us!” When it’s really because he’s been such a bum his whole life he never had to expected to dress properly or professionally for anything so it was basketball shorts and hoodies. They bragged that he had to buy his first suit for debates in 2022 which should tell you all you need to know.

John Fetterman has so few accomplishments in life that one of his election ads was telling you he played football in high school so you should vote for him. He’s pretend blue collar like Bruce Springsteen.