is Gibney 3 taunting Jackie and Patrick in his new video?

SFWA liaison

Heidi Hildeman customer
Patrick's pro se motion talks about Quasi's Worldwide Troll Ecosystem and Gibney uploads a long video about protecting the world's Ecology, coincidence?

at 2m30s he shows off his family picture as if to say "haha I have custody of ALL my children and my first wife didn't divorce me to go off with my friend"

he seems very happy and upbeat, like a man who recently got $32k transferred to his account

CuntFucker .

Ben Bowder look-alike
Evil fucking scumbag



The gunslinger.
I'd be careful about posting this in the public forum and not the new quiet secret one. We don't need Pat and Jackie following the money and getting our Gibbs cut off from Gibney Sr. Less W's for those fat faggots the better *wink wink*

I’m not going to take it anymore, Patrick - Jackie. I’m in the REAL secret group and everything is directed by Gregg “Opie” Hughes himself.

This post will get deleted, I hope you see it in time.