Is anyone here straight edge?


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what's the weather like over there? Imagine cracking open an ice cold one of these bad boys right now.

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Effectively, yes. Not that I would bring it up to anyone because it's pretty gay, but since you asked!

I quit drugs five years ago, and I haven't had a drink since February this year. I was never an addict, although the closest I got to that was when I was taking mandy every weekend and partying like there was no tomorrow. Back in my youth, I used to go to bed at 4, wake up at 7 and head straight to work with my container of coffee. I did this for years until I looked in the mirror one day and noticed a few gray hairs on my chin, which goes great with a receded hairline. That's when I thought "I'm too old for this shit".

Overtime I've found myself drinking less, likely because I don't go out these days. Plus I can't be fucked waking up on a Saturday or Sunday and just spending all day in bed feeling sorry for myself. As poofy as it sounds, I'd rather have the energy to go for an afternoon walk and get some fresh air, maybe even see some friends.

I've even quit caffiene, and I find my sleep to be deeper. I'm overjoyed to be waking up and feeling refreshed.

TLDR - I'm not 25 anymore and don't close out bars.

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I'm working my way back to it but I crashed my bike like a dummy the other day so I'm using my scabby elbow as an excuse to get smoke weed right now. Might listen to some Chain of Strength or Vegan Reich later if I'm feeling cute.