I Miss Carl Winslow

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Sue Lightning

i don't what this is. If this is a bit i don't know enough of the inside nonsense to get it. If not, then you need to seek help. It sounds like someone with autism doing a bit, but I don't know if its 10% autism 90% bit, or the inverse.

I don't know anything about any of this shit. For future reference, If this were indeed a sincere plea, maybe don't sign off by saying you're going to incite the police to kill you. That probably was not a good idea.
Whats that internet law about how if you pretend to be retarded for so long it stops being pretending and you’re just retarded

Agent Smith

You are a plague and we are the cure.
He must be freed.
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Instead of bootleg WOW stickers, I will be printing this and plastering it everywhere.
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