I guess I didn't realize Ro can check FB from the netherworld


Potential R* Screenshotter

Salted Earth Truffle

Eric Hildeman poked my no-no hole when I was 5
I know she must love her brothers but I can't imagine being as close as she is to them after they completely abandoned their mother the second she got senile. Even in this post to her, Joe has to make some hacky pop culture reference.
This is where you can really see the effect of Dawn’s sobriety. We don’t know how truly close they are but it’s mature not to break up the remaining family just because her brothers are emotionally immature. She gets that, probably because she was emotionally immature until she got some recovery under her belt. She probably goes to Al-Anon too, so she knows how best to deal with other drunks and crazy people in general.

Sue Lightning

If Ant and Joe go to heaven I can only hope that when they greet their mother at the pearly gates god played a sick joke and kept her brain plaque ridden so she doesn’t remember them, and they have to spend an eternity with the vegetable they avoided for years