Erock gets Pat Dixon's YouTube taken down

is he talking about some other fat fuck

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Billy Hollywood

Vince Vaughn is my friend!

At least her porn doppelganger looks fuckable:

Eh, she was a liberal lgbqtf ally when she first tried to be a comic. When that failed because she is just average in every way, she took her shot as a right wing comic. Again, not smart enough for anyone to care. Most of these assholes are not at all conservatives they are just on their way out of show biz and know right wingers and racists are easy to fleece.
Exactly. The difference is 1) she was obscure enough as a left wing comic that nobody cared when she switched 2) right wing is pretty boxed in. She would need to take a few years off to reinvent herself from that. What would she become, a yoga comic?


I dunno...fat?
I still have to see a pic of Erock's wife. They used to say that she was so good looking. I bet that she is a 5 at best. I can't see a really good looking woman dating a fat guy obsessed with cartoons.
I seem to remember she's a redhead who, while no beauty, is way out of Erock's league. Certainly as fat and grotesque as he is now.