Deep Thoughts with a Pedophile


never caught lackin
He was never reasonably skeptical. He was a neocon bootlicking faggot. He loved W Bush and torturing suspected terrorists and believed we had every right to be in Afghan / Iraq. 9/11 happened exactly as they told us too. The only time he became slightly critical of the administration was over the religious nonsense W. had in the white house (even funnier because now he claims to love religion in the WH).

But when Obama became the nominee he lost his fucking mind. He began praising W Bush even harder for his military spending and tax cuts. When Jimmy brought up “Look I don’t like Obama’s taxes but him getting elected would be better for US because we won’t have the FCC putting their religious morality on our show” he just breezed by it and went into “CAPITAL GAINS TAXES! DIVERSITY! SMALL BUSINESSES AND REGULATIONS!”, you know, shit that he has no conception of and doesn’t affect him but he heard about on Fox News as to why Obama was gonna be bad.

Because Nana has no beliefs other than being an uneducated backwater and ignorant racist. If you’re a moderate Republican you can view Trump as a return to the Reagan “America First” policy, and if you’re an insane “right winger” you can view Trump as the savior of the white race or some shit. He’s literally neither but his grifting skills allow you to project whatever you want to see onto the guy. So what Nana really likes about Trump is this complete falsehood that he fights for the white race and is going to (somehow) eliminate nigger crime in his second term…because he definitely did that his first term, right? Anyone remember the 2020 BLM protests?

But of course if you bring that up he’ll just say some shit like “ACTUALLY IT WAS THE DEMS AND THE FUCKING CORRUPT R’S WHO STOPPED TRUMP FROM CRACKING DOWN ON THEM!!!” Ok, so wtf will change if we put him in again? Those elements won’t exist?

It’s so fucking stupid
Was Nana an actual small business owner at that time? Opie was a silent partner with the restaurant, all Nana did was buying gifts for teen girls and grown men. That is not a small business owner
Nana hasn’t been able to learn a single lesson about her own life in the last decade (despite the universe constantly smashing him over the head with it), but she definitely understands what we’ve learned on a nationwide sociopolitical level.

You’re a failure as a business owner, as a man, as a functional human being, as a friend, as a partner, as a political grifter, as a son….but please enlighten me with your college freshman take on politics that you contradict one sentence later.
Was Nana an actual small business owner at that time?

On paper. Sirius didn't cut Anthony a paycheck every two weeks. There was Opie & Anthony LLC, a joint company, and there was Half Life Media, Anthony's company. They didn't "do" or "sell" anything, but for tax purposes, it was a "business".
A booze-swilling, garbage throwing, coke dealing, gun-misplacing, traffic scofflaw who lusts after underage girls and sticks things up his ass. Rock-solid Republican values, folks. Nana is lost in the tweetosphere, and Twitter does his thinking for him now. Take his tweeting away, and he wouldn't know what to think about anything.