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Reminder: Vincent D'Onofrio blocked Patrick
Terry could I trouble you to fingerfy these default twitter avatars? Could be useful for any twitter brothermen.




I'm what they call "downstairs retarded"


I'm what they call "downstairs retarded"

Ghost of Kiev

help, i cant kyiv
I'm bored, made a bunch more of these if anyone wants 'em, most just from skimming the LC front page and picking out the avs without a rickfinger. Leavin it to @Terry from here, good thread & happy birthday to ya

View attachment 112906View attachment 112907View attachment 112908View attachment 112909
View attachment 112910View attachment 112911View attachment 112912View attachment 112913
View attachment 112914View attachment 112915View attachment 112916View attachment 112917View attachment 112918
View attachment 112919View attachment 112920View attachment 112921View attachment 112922View attachment 112923
View attachment 112924View attachment 112925View attachment 112926View attachment 112931

If this one does ever end up in the header, I hope it is on the day that Pat is eventually arrested, for the self-swattings or otherwise.

I think everyone can agree this one's overdue @Pringle Can Lothario

Alternate version: Singh positioning based on the auto-crop to a circle - should work but lmk if it needs adjusting



Marrying jules when ((redbar)) croaks
Whaddya think feller, can johnny get a fingah?

( this was in new york slang because I am from new york)

… most people here aren’t.. they found this forum listening to patrice clips… yuck

Patrice would have hated all of you

Johnnycomelately posting



Them boys would fly in the mud over my house
I should probably get a finger pfp. Only seems fitting