Anthony's Lime Rickey

Anthony Cumia is a Pedophile
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Josef Kuminski

кормить бабушку
Didn’t her dad get shot in the head like a week ago? You’d think she’d want to be with family on their first holiday without him, not when there’s tens of dollars to be made gabbing with some other dumb whores online, I guess.
She’s a grifting sociopath. She doesn’t care what she does or who she hurts or fucks over as long as her and her pimp Frank make money trying to get famous for being anything but funny and talented.
Huh, I didn’t know Chrissie had noods out there. Love it! Look at those hips. Imagine two ashy black hands covered in trashy tattoos squeezing those hips as he pumps his raw nigger cock deep into her fertile belly right over the sink in that public restroom😍


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