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This sub amounts to about 2yrs of trashing the O&A show, my show & various shows related to O&A. What may have started as "conservative criticism" has turned into a joke sub that just rags on everything. No one actually reads the sub aside from the people posting or occasionally the subjects of the trashing. Even then, it's a joke. We laugh at what a goof this sub is. We laugh at the jerk offs that think they are having an impact on our careers. You're beating off into each other's faces with zero effect on our careers. This sub has literally become a parody of a Reddit sub. It's become so over the top negative that it's a laughable toilet read. If that's what you were going for, congrats! Truth is, Opie & Jimmy are doing fine. My network is so far above anything I could have imagined in 2014. I still wonder what the motivation is to come here on a daily basis and trash the people and the product they put out there on a daily basis. Regardless, we have fun. We're living our lives doing what we enjoy and you're here every day doing nothing but shitting on people who smile at the end of the day because we've been lucky enough to live our lives supported by jobs we love doing. If you think a goof site of shit talkers can degrade that, have fun.


Had a bit of run-in with them last night (pics). Fuck that s--t. I will never set foot in that f--king place ever again. Opie's audience has reached a new low. Just imagine if the show was a shell show or any other guy at the desk. Then what would you expect. What, you'd think the guy was as dumb as a rock and sucked as a talker? They ask me to come on when they are not airing and then when they do, they show reruns of any show that is less than 3min or they are showing trailers. I did it for years and he still goes apeshit when I'm on. Plus my office window is right next to the mike and he slams his window to shut me up. He's so fucking jealous. I don't even care about any of this anymore. Like I said, I will never set foot in that place.

50 Questions- Most Weird, Problematic Questions that someone asked the Opie & Anthony guys!

The show was just voted one of the worst podcasts of all time. (Shocker!) My guess is it has a lot to do with people saying “no one is listening” or not caring. The reason why I think Opie & Anthony is one of the most successful and most popular podcasts of all time is because it is so damn entertaining. I mean, who can resist a pair of self involved whores like Opie and Anthony? Or at least, who was willing to say the truth in their own voice and not have a safe space to be politically correct. It is impossible for a guy like them to fail.

First off, the guy was hit by a train. How do you top that? It seems like the last thing on the team’s mind was to be bested by a walking lump of dead meat. I mean, come on… They didn’t even bother to ask any guests to come on. If they had asked people, they would have done a show off the cuff, which I think would have been worse. Or they could have just picked another name and ran with it, which is probably what they thought.

But you know, they deserve what they got. They are overrated douchebags. Like every other celeb these days, their every move is big news. Opie is a bigger dick than Anthony! I think I am a better morning radio host than both of them put together. It takes some real balls to do a show where you have to come up with your own material on the spot. Come on, guys! If you are so bad, why is your show so popular?


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Inferkit is hilarious I only typed the first two sentences.

"Anthony Cumia likes to have sex with transgender women. In fact he bought tits for Sue Lightning. His press tour came to an abrupt end when he expressed this sentiment on the Joe Rogan podcast. It is almost a mantra with Cumia, however the following from his Facebook page in response to Chris Brown is even more disturbing.

In response to the latest twitter beef with Chris Brown, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, NYPD officers, etc. I want to be clear. I do not have any feelings or opinions on the breaking news about any of these people. On to the latest. This morning I had a very informative and educational conversation with a young African American woman who identifies as a transman."