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Cow beats Vegas!


The chief difference being that people cared when Colonel Blake died. Imagine what sitting next to Joe on a flight is like. You're in your seat and here comes lumbering Joe, with his gigantic "carry-on", camouflage colored bag. He plops down next to you and hogs the whole armrest, with his disgusting armpits flopping around. He's calling the flight attendant over and over and complaining about everything.

You're in the air and he has his headphones on and you can faintly hear shitty, tired old classic rock music playing, and Joe is quietly humming along while air guitar-ing. You ignore him, and the humming escalates, interspersed with Joe muttering to himself..."la da dee dee da, minor chord there, la da dee dee dee da, hmmm, that's a B sharp right there...".

"Oh, hey, I'm sorry. I'm a professional musician, and I'm just boning up on some new material for my set list repertoire. Hope I wasn't disturbing you. You know how pro musicians are. My name's Joe, by the way, Joe Cumia. Yes, yes, from the Cumia radio family, ha ha. Everyone always asks that."