Coming soon to a super secret location


This drawing had to be done by this faggot.


Fuck this queer
LMAO. What the fuck? I don't even know the gender of this thing. I can't imagine someone looking like this being in some connection with Nana. Especially considering that he is now larping as a conservative man.


Oh, here comes Ray with his O-PIN-ION
General advice for selling tickets to your show: the best way to increase the amount of tickets you can sell is to wait until the day of the actual event for people to plan around it.

That way, their excitement is so high, they'll have a fear of missing out and certainly will buy up multiple tickets!

Oh wait, this is for Anthony and his team of nobodies? I don't think people want to gather in an abandoned parking lot as the sun bakes them. Anthony won't have to worry about that though, because... Melanin.