Chomo Joe is absent from his daughter's birthday


I was chest-bumped, alroight!
Layla is now 7 years too old for Uncle Anth.



Pud In, Pud Out
How much of a bum is Layler's mother that she spends her birthday with Carol instead of her? This whole trip completely killed my theory that Carol is an evil stepmother and is mean to Layler for no reason when Joe's not around. There was a picture of Layler, her friend and Carol hanging out around the table laughing a while ago sans Joe and it's the happiest I've ever seen the kid look. It kind of seems like she's living with Carol full time while Joe's away. I bet Carol smokes weed with her lol.


Pud In, Pud Out
Really can’t wait for the Moo prom post in couple of years. Gonna be ribbing
Layla won't get a prom date because Joe is the type of faggot to try to intimidate any suitor by demanding that Layler leave the guy alone with Joe while he cleans his .50 cal sniper rifle at the table. "What are your INTENTIONS wit my DAWGHTA?"

That's the most insufferable shit to go through as a young guy, especially when the dad isn't intimidating and you could literally one punch him, but he thinks because he's older he can magically kick your ass. I can't see anyone putting up with it for Layler. She's not really a looker. And it's not like she'll grow into her looks or anything either. She has Niko Bellic-head. Happy birthday though, kiddo!


I don’t want to make fun of a child, no less a teen girl, but oof….

Not only did she lose the life lottery by having Joe as a dad , she inherited his genetics too.

Lets hope those like last 2 years of puberty act as a plastic surgeon
Plus he's dragging her to gun ranges and posting the photos where everyone can see, its so important to Joe to let all of his retard hillbilly friends know that he's raising her right.