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Checked out Childpound Media

Cwow man

Holee cwow man look at f-forum
The first thing that hits you is three ads, two of which cover their own content. Behind the ads, instead of trying to entice people with actual content, they're immediately shilling subscriptions. That's not how you sell a product, stupid.


Let's visit the shop.




Time to get to know the team:



That's the exact same info as the page before. Why even have the fucking button then?

Obviously all this makes you want to sign up and give Anthony your money:


Wait though, how long do you sign up for if you take a trial? Maybe I have to press terms of service:


Which re-directs you to the same page:


Compound Media, by niggers for niggers.
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Sue Lightning

hey, miss you!
His website is literally built for his ingrained audience. No need for a Cumia bio. Anyone subscribing to this shit site already knows who he is. Don’t need bios for the others because no ones watching them. Cumia fans won’t read and can’t afford lawyers to look over terms of services so might as well not have those either. I swear Compound fans are mindless drones. They just hit trial and subscribe without giving a fuck about the length or price.
"Do I know that the Compound Media website is trash? Why would I know that? Why...would I...visit MY OWN WEBSITE? Of COURSE I don't visit my website! Why would I? JESUS FUCKING ROT BUNG CHRIST! Can ANYTHING just not be a huge pain in the fucking ASS? IT'S NOT MY JOB, OK, SISTER'S CUNT? FUCK!"