Brother Joe's *Man* Cave




You talk about Jeff Hollander as if he was at Anthony’s house more than the 3 times that he was, prior to being found out that he was a kid toucher.

Before I address that stupid fairy tale for the final time (only 2 or 3 of you left to make understand the facts surrounding your fantasy) let me explain something to the moderators of this final lifeboat of a sub...

You do know that your last beloved sub was shut down by admins partly for perseverating on the subject of “Pedophilia”, right? Another thing I purposely used against you. I reported EVERYTHING that Reddit TOS unequivocally considers to be grounds for a subs banning if the mods can’t keep it in check.

Quoting Reddit TOS regarding sexualizing minors, I’m paraphrasing, but you can google Reddit’s terms:

“Any sexually suggestive content involving minors, or someone appearing to be a minor, including fantasy content (STORIES, anime, cartoons) that promote pedophilia.”

Every time you posted anything sexual that had to do with my daughter or any of the guys you call pedo’s and make jokes that involve descriptive “stories” which mention acts of pedophilia.. I reported it directly to ADMINS. Never bothered with mods. I reported 100’s of those. Just food for thought moving forward kiddies!!

Something to ponder. Put on your big boy pants and try to understand this for what it actually is. Don’t delude yourself into believing that I’m defending my brother because he pays me or because we fucked out sister and he fucks my girlfriends daughter... let’s leave these entertaining campfire stories home. Look at this for what it is, if you’re capable, LOGIC....Camt go wrong if you reason things out with logic. COMMON SENSE REDDIT TROLLS, COMMON SENSE.

You’ve already established your opinion that everyone here is a pedophile, but let’s look at my brother and your fetish based pedo fantasy about him for a moment.

If Ant was friends with that POS, why wouldn’t he STILL be friendly and hanging out with him? There’s no law against palling around with a convicted child molester and jerking off to KP. If, as you claim. he has a preference for young girls, and it “was not a radio bit”, why is he with a 30 yr old woman, why not a white trash legal 17 year old, i think 16 in NY? Remember Woody Allen?! Does he fear for his job, or his reputation with the Catholic Church? How about not wanting this SUB TO THINK HE’S A PEDO?!?! Reason?!?! Why has he never flown to Thailand to fuck a 10yr old LEGALLY? He can afford it . Why has he NEVER fucked or had any inappropriate contact with any underage girls, ever?,.. Why does buying a 40yr old man an ipad, who allegedly scammed him into believing that he was a teenaged girl, your irrefutable evidence of child molestation? Anthony does whatever he wants to do, pretty much. Kid touching isn’t a CHOICE you fucking morons, it’s an illness. Akin to the illness that you dolts suffer from. You can’t just stop being ill, why should he be able to? Why Would he IF IT WERE TRUE? Same thing with your stupid Sue Lightening fantasies.

I really believe you assholes need to ask yourselves these questions and then muster up all of your collective gray matter to answer them with an honest re-evaluation of your stupid campfire stories. Oh, and continue posting all of your endless string of TOS violating commentary. It’s the easiest way to keep you fucked and homeless.