BREAKING: Paul Weimer just dropped "Josiah Munoz interviews Patrick Tomlinson, Part 3" on SoundCloud


Who was the mod who was the curry muncher? BigGreenYamo?

After all the shit I'd posted there, the thing that got my first account banned from the sub was posting threads about how much I hated Indians.


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Pat’s face is fatter than this. How do either of them look at themselves in the mirror and not throw up?


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Which was the mod that tried to be a hero and get us control back after we all turned on spaceedge ? Was that yamo
yes. Idk if he was secretly a faggot prior, but when Space was having his temper tantrums and threatening to close the sub Yamo tried to talk him out of it and asked for him to just hand it over to someone else instead. When he refused Yamo attacked him. Yamo also said he was tired of Toolman's political/sjw moderating and was trying to get him to stop but Toolman wouldn't. Hard to tell if it was due to his own views or a desire to stay in reddit's good graces, but it was Toolman who did most of the FAGGOT antiracist moderating towards the end and SpaceEdge, known Drumpf hater, supported it
All I see are two happy, funny, pleasant people who deserve the best. Raging, boring narcissist assholes like Patrick S. Tomlinson could learn a lot from them.
I can think of at least 4
1. Don’t abandon your child,child
2.Don’t feed the trolls.
3. Learn to take a joke.
4. Don’t get involved in a 6 figure lawsuit against strangers on the internet in multiple country’s because your too arrogant to just shut up on social media.


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Braunheiser was a good egg. The Terry Clifford being his mom was a great plot twist. In the end Terry forgave us and even sent a delightful message to the forums. You couldn’t make that shit up.

Pat could learn a lot from that successful,happy family woman. She took the joke and is now beloved, by me at least.
Terry Clifford is an angel on earth. She is universally beloved by us rapscallions.