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    The Complaint authored by Brinton J Resto's stated verbatim, "Upon information and belief, Defendants John Does 1-60 ("Defendants") are individuals who anonymously authored and published false and defamatory statements regarding Plaintiff"

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Best Hotel you stayed at?

Uncle J’s Sink Emporium

You gotta pump those sink numbers up, funster.
Probably this place for part of my honeymoon.

It was nice but not as fancy as the price would make it seem. Just because it’s way out in the middle of nowhere.

I’m not really an expensive hotel guy, I think it’s a waste of money because I don’t hang out in hotel rooms. Normally I just pick a clean, safe, and comfortable place in the location I want to be in and don’t worry about luxury bullshit.


Still spreading the O&A virus
I’ve never understood staying in a nice hotel. As long as there are no bedbugs and my shit won’t get stolen that’s all I want. I’m gonna spend all my time out and about.
Some perks with the higher level hotel rooms can be great. Full sized kitchen, automatic breakfast room service. Private hot tub or balcony hot tub. Small home theater setup to unwind. For business trips where you are not walking around the city as a tourist these things can be a massive relief when you just need to relax but keep close to the business side. Or if you have small kids and might need to turn down early you can get some nice comforts in the room.
I can do without, but the Tokyo and Osaka Conrads were pretty nice. However, a lot of entitled douchebags and middle-aged Chinese dudes dressed like BackStreet Boys or some other soft "hip-hop"-adjacent look. The Oceana in Santa Monica was chill. Felt more like a fancy motel, but it's because they were apartments at one point, IIRC.

I prefer a nice, middle-of-the-road Hilton or Canopy, TBHWY.
You can usually tell it’s a nice hotel if you need a room key to use the elevator.
Or you're in Portland. That place was about as bad as expected, street-people-wise. One of the hotels that I stayed at had their doors to the outside locked 24/7. You could use your card, or use an intercom, but they'd just buzz you in as soon as they saw you, assuming that you were wearing pants and not covered in blood and shit.

Vague Erock

Please talk to me
I’ve never understood staying in a nice hotel. As long as there are no bedbugs and my shit won’t get stolen that’s all I want. I’m gonna spend all my time out and about.


ninkaas ayaa la qarxiyay taasi waa qosol
First trip me and my wife took we had an incredible Airbnb in NorCal. I rented a Yukon Denali Max for the trip, she did the accommodations for the nights we weren't with family. I had no idea she spent a lot of money and I didn't tell her I rented us a boat to drive around in. The place was tucked into a little valley just west of Tahoe. The place was small but it had a great pool and hot tub that had great views. Driving the Denali fucking sucked around there tho, and around SF