She would have blown me in 2 seconds
The guy in the black hat with his back to us is Patrick's best "friend" Brad Manial. These two have been thick as thieves for years.

Look out Rakdaddy, you've got competition.

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Fat looks happier next to this dork than he ever has in any picture with Drinky, or even Adrienne. There's no doubt that these two queers suck on each other's peckers.

Will Tate

It is so ordered.
She really is a cute broad.
A goddess.

Warrior Goddess.jpg


I doubt anyone actually gives a fuck who you or Carol or anyone fucks.
Our waifu is a mentally unstable Dominican woman.
Only time Pats crew has been diverse was with that extremely uncomfortable "gay interracial wedding anniversary" photo.
That photo is one of this place’s most underrated bits. The look on that guy’s face was a rib masterpiece. ‘Oh look. The breeder is taking photos again.’


However he managed to land a woman out of his league like that, she thankfully wised up and got some self esteem. Thicki is way more in line with what Rick has to offer. The universe corrected itself.
They met in high school. Still seems weird. I mean I get a lot of women like jerk offs but it’s usually those alpha types.


God damn. I'm only halfway through the article and haven't even listened to the audio yet but this is already incredible. All the big talk coming from Seth and Pat about how people were flipping and a big payoff was coming was all a result of being catfished and duped like the talentless rubes they are. Amazing.
Dude, your avatar...lol


Glow nigger. Got any of those IPs for me?
There's no trace whatsoever of Ade or PCJ in Pat's yearbook. He likely met Ade during his one semester of Technical College or afterwards.
I heard he was hiding in the tank of a portapotty at a convention and liked the way she pooped. He then stalked her until he had enough information to worm his way into her life. They broke up when she found the video "pats potty poops volume 84" on their shared computer.