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Another one who was 'silenced'

Fuck these faggots. I can promise you if there is a leftist jewish cabal its not attempting to silence the likes of “Fred from Brooklyn”
Social media, particularly faggot Twitter, fuels this bullshit. Like with Trump. I've always hated Trump, but not because of his "policies" or his "beliefs" or the utter nonsense he tweets, but because I think he's an obese pink faggot. But these social media queers would whip themselves into a frenzy over his gassy tweets like they actually mattered somehow. And the "other side" whipped themselves into a gay frenzy over what they thought he was "doing", when all he was actually doing was tweeting. Twitter just drives this intense faggotry to a point where these retards actually think it's important, when all it really does is distract people and make them even stupider. No one gives a fuck about "silencing" these imbecilic fags, and no one gives a fuck about what they're tweeting about.