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A fat bitch invited me on a cruise.

Build Black Better

Just say no to crack but yes to parmesan
The audacity of fat women to invite me anywhere, let alone a cruise.
One of my teenage jobs was a cashier at Sears. A femcel fattie had the audacity to ask me to her prom in front of my coworkers. Made me look like a dick when I immediately said no, not even a brief pause to think about it. Of course the other girls accused me of being a meanie. I did get to third base with a fellow cashier, a black girl with huge beefers. That's when I realized niggers smell like shit. I went black but never went back.

I pulled my own audacious dick move at a flower shop at that same mall while getting flowers for my girlfriend. The cashier was so hot I asked her out on the spot. She must have liked that I was being a total asshole to the girl I was buying flowers for, so I figured I would be getting some strange on that date. However, the day before we were supposed to hook up she told me that the boyfriend she had recently broken up with had just been murdered. It sounded like an insane story to to bail on me, but sure enough when I got the local newspaper the next day the front page story was about a teenage boy that had been ambushed and murdered on the side of the road. I guess that was bad karma for me being a dick. Never saw her no more.
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Build Black Better

Just say no to crack but yes to parmesan
How fat are we talking, character? Lizzo huge or chubby?
The way to measure how much blubber Lizzo has and how much she can disrespect James Madison's crystal flute is by seeing how far she can shove it up her cavernous twat while twerking in a swimsuit on stage, like that one time at band camp with Alyson Hannigan.