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You're not going to believe this, but I have something to say.


am tucking...

my shirt... in... tomorrow.


Yep, I've decided to be more conservative. Not for le political reasons, but because my life needs as much structure as possible. I'm fucking bonkos. I need routine and order back into my life, bucko.

So I'll start with tucking in my shirt. When I was a kid, I hated it when the teachers made me tuck in my shirt. Especially Mr Furburger, who would tuck it in for me. Then he'd start taking my shoes off and say it was time to play turkey foot...

But now? No, I need that order. And the shirt tucking is a priority for me now.

Back before Peterson went crazy, he was right about the room thing too. I need to clean this place up.

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I wear black pants. Does that mean I need a black belt? What makes a good $100 belt?
I got a reversible, black on the main side but brown on the other for blue jeans

Soft leather will hold up over time instead of creasing like cheap stiff belts, I have this Hugo boss, nicest belt I ever had.

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it really is good advice, that was peak JBP.

As I look around my rooms today, they need cleaning-up. I think a bit of order is a good antidote to chaos, the thing about chaos - especially when it's seemingly working - is you can be hanging-on to sanity by a fine thread, & even if it doesn't completely snap (& God willing it doesn't), you can feel the tension as the potential for snap gets near.

In nature a tree needs it's roots to allow it to grow, let your roots grow.

If you want to build an office building where lots of great productive stuff done within, then you must have a good foundation. Some people weren't naturally blessed with a good foundation, for example an unstable childhood, but this leaves 2 options: start rebuilding one side at a time, carefully because we can't let the building fall, or forever use scaffolding.
there are many types of scaffolding - good (support from friends, family, etc), bad (drugs, alcohol) - but they need to be used appropriately; in fact neither is good nor bad, just right or wrong for the time, eg. someone could remain reliant on a family member for too long & it becomes bad, or someone could use drugs to literally stay alive for another day, it becomes good.
The building will always be there for as long as you're alive, but fixing the foundation will allow it to look smart & support many productive floors, don't leave the scaffolding up without fixing from the bottom floor upwards, lest it become derelict.

TLDR: Nice one buddy!