WWAWD Seafood?


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Sane Sociopath
I feel like I should eat some since I like to catch them from time to time. Then again, I'm catching polluted freshwater NJ bluegills, bass & crappie here
Crappie is supposed to be good eating. Is there a recommendation not to eat the fish from that River? They had something like that on the major river near here and they Just relaxed it to say you can eat at least a limited amount. But there's other smaller rivers that are just as close and the fish won't give you AIDs


I got a lien on my house!
Fawkin all in wit da seafood brotherman...went out for some snow crabs week or two ago.

I'll go to the Chinese market and have them kill the live fish clean him up lil bit lil bit, take it home cook it outside because it'll stink your house. One time a seagull took it off the girl, just a taste seagullbrotherman...

Way better for you than meat. I've also tend to see a strong relation between people who don't love seafood and being a faggot.


Where we at with the where we at?
What do you think about chinks eating them alive? Im no animal activist, but I couldnt eat it while its moving. Chinks are fucked.
I’ll never look at, think about, or pay attention to what any Asian is doing.

I sometimes go and get shrimp from them down at their boats and it’s like talking to seafood about buying seafood.


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Seafood is for faggots.
Have you ever met a “pescatarian” that you didn’t want to kill on site?
I can’t have red meat today, i have bad cholesterol. Give me the tilapia.

It’s a motherfuckerrr man, But I gotta go with the salmon. I’m watching my figure for the filming of my special nexxxxxsttt week

Serve me a bloody filet or ribeye with a strong shanty and I’m happy.
But Whadda I know.
I’ll have the dragon roll and tuna sashimi
Enjoy your tapeworms, stupid.


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i see food i eat em

shrimps give the the itch so i can only have a little taste, just a lit taste
I like to tell people I'm on a seafood diet (I'm fat), then when they say, "Oh, you see food and eat it?" I act like I'm processing what they said, then my face drops and sadly say: "No, I mean like salmon, tuna, fish oils and stuff."