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wwa with da “Death Grips”

Rob Jacobs

Actual #1 Poster


No, sTlaker. It really wasn't.
hill is a killer drummer, they had some great stuff up until around the double album. if you get a chance to see zach hill live in any of his projects i think it's worth it, dude is a powerhouse drummer.

the first half of the double album, "niggas on the moon" has some cool electronic drum set playing around with unconventional percussive samples that i liked, like the vocal samples used in the drumming here


The Official Hungry Bean.
I remember downloading ex Military when they first put it up in their site for free in like 2011. The first listen was exhausting. I felt totally drained. I felt the same way the first time I listened to Songs About Fucking and Trout Mask Replica too. After a couple listens I really got into it. Ibought the album on vinyl for $20 when they put it up on their site, and I checked now and it's selling for $900ish. Good Fucking ROI.

I lost interest after No Love Deep Web, but I enjoyed the ride.