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"Will the real Stealthygeek please stand up?" Eminem diss track


Looschen up

May I have your attention please?
Can you follow me on Twitter please?
Will the real stealthygeek please stand up?
Will the real Torque Wheeler please stand up?
We're gonna have to correcT the record here:

Y'all act like you never seen a stlaker before,
I told you to block and report, raise the imposter alarm!
Then I get drinking more than before,
I'm getting txted and called by these forum trolls
I started copy/pasting annoyed,
until I got deboosted and tweeted into the void
and Dan mullen said... nothing you idiots!
He ran and his wife's a 3 out of 10.
On Twitter women love Tomlinson
Ooh stealthygeek look at him
Tweeting about his follower count, such a big amount
No child they're not bots, quietly now wait for the knock.
Yeah I probably got a couple of extra pounds from the meatloaf
but stop sending Hooligans the picture of me giving Trump deepthroat
You're evil, nazis, fascists, they're not people!
"Pringles can Jon raised your kid! Jon raised your kid!"
is what they said
and they expect me to not want them all dead?
Oh I forgot to send a tweet about my wife's meds
She's depressed but I won't stop until every troll's fed
My floors smell like cat piss, Niki's pussy is full of black mist
and some stalkers obsess over that Christina Ricci actress.
I conceal carry on my couch under my pink blanket
cease contact do not contact this number again,
continuing to do so constitutes felony harassment.

Will the real stealthygeek please stand up?
Will the real Torque Wheeler please stand up?

Will the real stealthygeek please stand up?
Will the real Torque Wheeler please stand up?


Looschen up
My Jame Is

Lyrics needed:
Hi stalkers, do you hate authors? Wanna see me upside down with my ass where a fork is?
Wanna copy me and sue a forum like I did? Lose, and owe Quasi more than my Ford & my bike is.
I stole from Will Tate, got a 1.7 GPA. if you txt me I'll tell you prison awaits.
My wife's twat stinks, Hooligan's fax is out of black ink
and I can't figure out if the atalker pretending to be my cat's a fat chink.
Well since I can't see Annabelle or hand-sell, I'll try go viral on Twitter with other peoples' jokes I re-tell.
Got angry, and stayed it. $5000 later, Twitter account unbanned because my dumb-ass paid it.
I scammed the SWFA for $100k, Josiah caught me on tape confessing I'll never pay.
I can't even get a restraining order, because of how I behave.
Oh I need to shit, where's Jon's grave?
Hi, my jame is what? (Bitch tits)
My jame is who? (Bitch tits)
My jame is chk-a chk-a stealthygeek
Hi, jame is fat
My jame is bitch tits
My jame is chk-a chk-a Patrick S Tomlinson

Lamont & Tonelli

Brevity is... wit.
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