Why is the majority of The Lizard King archive unavailable?

Lamont & Tonelli

Brevity is... wit.
O Glorious and Majestic Lizard King, slayer of many, powerful beyond measure,

We the unaffiliated rascals, pests, ne'er-do-wells, urchins, rogues, subsistence bit farmers, pirates, scoundrels, rapscallions and skip-skop scallywags of the Owen A Farms humbly beseech Thee and Thy holy scribes to bestow upon us a document of Your courageous diplomatic efforts towards Hogrick the Slopfeaster, scourge of the alleys of Milwaukee and devastator of conference hall and hotel toilets nationwide.

May this request please Thee, O resplendent one. A thousand years may you reign.
Yeah that is kinda sus, do you want the time stamps, numbers and meta data too, fuckin’ fed.
Reposting old screen caps of a lizard yelling at Patrick is going to blow the case wide open. I'm foiled again, gumshoes.


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