Why is posts by ghosts still a viable business?


The Silverstone/Barbeau/Bartiromo Axis

This bitch has the audacity. AUDACITY.
why hasn’t this business been bombed with 1 star reviews yet?
Why is it still functioning?!?!
Management is NOT fawkin happy wit what we are doin here.
Dugout dug has to report back soon, let’s make his life easier. Waddle doodle.

That's definitely not Patrick Tomlinson, different vocabulary and wordier, as opposed to his halting twitter-influenced prose. She's a true Victim Olympian, capitalizing on the jokes elicited by her 'husband'.
They definitely collaborated on it and Pat made sure she ticked all the victim check boxes. I also don't think Niki is womanly enough to have that prissy "why are you not doing your job?" tone without Pat's help.

Slackjawed Cow

I laugh at them because they're all the same.
no she mentioned that.

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This will be under 1 star by monday as if it's my dying wish
There is a difference between disagreeing and challenging them. I swear she doesnt have all the details. Pat must be leaving out details about what has gone on over the years. Pat is a compulsive liar and he will lie to his wife just like he does to everyone else. His ego cant handle admitting he was wrong and will leave out anything that sounds like he did anything where he took the trolls bait.

She thinks its some political disagreement and Im sure pat tries to keep that narrative so she thinks he is fighting for the greater good when in reality its a few people that know he will respond to even the dumbest things, so they constantly prank him and watch him sperg out. " The FBI is involved" also makes me think she is just going with what bullshit pat fed her. Pat will tell her that they have their best guys on the case and they are making progress when in reality someone listened to him complain that he gets bullied on the internet then went on their lunch break. To even think the FBI would care about what is being said to pat when pat has been tweeting worse shit at the president and politicians for years.