WhY DoEsN'T qUaSi pOsT NoW tHaT ThE QuAsH Is fInIsHeD




My guess is if they funded this, they may be responsible for the respondent's fees despite not being a petitioner. If you fuel vexatious litigation, you ought to pay for the harm it causes.
Technicality Tits wins again! "I don't owe him a penny." SFWA does I guess? Boo. I want Susan and the half-hovel snatched away from his cloven hooves.


The Dutch are FAGS!!!
Who the fuck cares if you were recognized as a "Super Lawyer"?? The ego on these maniacs. But is his kung-fu better than Dan's???

I do like that SFWA is now on the hook for $6K in his legal fees on top of everything else.
Hey ratcheted back there, darling, capeshiters love "super" lawyers, wouldn't you too prefer a "super" hero, to a plane old hero? Keep in mind these are people that give out awards to writers that write books read by fewer people than they have members in their circle jerk organization.