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  • Go watch Jackie Singh's (@hackingbutlegal) keynote https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ov_jBhsQZk.

    Why do you think Jackie didn't  name John Gibney in her keynote with OWASP? She seemed pretty confident on twitter. Is that because she doesn't have any evidence and made the whole thing up? Watch the keynote several times and make up your own mind.

    Why would she confidently accuse someone on socially media, but then refrain from naming people in her keynote? Maybe the OWASP Foundation has an answer to that.

Who was the biggest asshole you went to HS with and where are they now?


Some faggot that failed a lot, was way too old to be in high school when I was there. He's in jail for selling guns and coke. I hope he dies, not because he bullied me, but because he was a wigger that bullied me.
Iam so sorry don't let the trauma define you:opster_1_lg:


Oh boy do I have a doozy for you.
This guy...https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scott_Safran
He was the biggest asshole in school he especially bullied my best friend because he was a fatty.
One day after he moved out to California he was high and went out on his roof to go get it and fell off and died.
My friend called me and we both were like..eh..fuck him


The two biggest assholes I went to school with both ended up being cops in the town I grew up in. Back in the day you could tell who was going to be a cop. They were the idiots who were bullies and juuust on the legal side of falling into the category of juvenile delinquency.

I get the impression things are different these days and municipalities look for applicants who have either some college or military experience. So in todays world who knows where these retards would have ended up.


Stand Alone Fruit
The biggest asshole from my school got kicked out senior year and knocked up some gross slut in the grade below ours. He’s the only person I can think of in my life that I actually want to physically attack because he was such an asshole to me. He’s still with her because she was from a wealthy family so they support them. I saw a picture of him and he looks like complete shit,