where we at wit da redbar?


the Gentleman's sissy hypno
He's a Jew. I remember him pressuring Gavin McInnes to distance himself from Proud Boys, Cumia, etc in 2016 when shit felt real. He was using all this evasive, indirect language, you would never know what his motivation or point of view is unless you know "Oh, he's a Jew" which I didn't at the time. Someone posted the text logs somewhere on reddit. IIRC Gavin was just like "whats your problem" in response to massive walls of text of sly, weird implications about how he shouldn't be associating with Trump types, until he was forced to ghost Redbar

i can't find it (it's a great display of mealy mouthed Kike rhetoric) but from the search results from his gay subreddit apparently Redbar is still traumatized by Gavin

to OP: I watched him years ago out of curiosity due to sub talk of him and got a nasty vibe, not even neutral or uninterested, instinctively hated pretty strongly