What's the most embarrassing thing you've eaten for dinner the past year?

Brooke Shields

I scream like a woman at 1:30 AM to female police
I'm sure i've had worse, but I'm pre-heating my oven for a $1.80 frozen burrito that I didn't know had 30 minutes prep-time to make before buying it.
There's a microwave option, but I'm not completely retarded, i want to give it a chance of being edible. I used to bake hot-pockets almost every day in college, $3 for 2 pockets and honestly you only need 1 per meal so that's a deal with the variety they have...

I think I had off brand spaghettios a couple of times but that's not embarrassing they're delicious and quick


i fawking love dino nuggies. don't know why people think they're just for kids.

I had a Subway sandwich on Monday for the first time in years. That has got to be the human equivalent of dog food.
I hate one of their 12 new abominations the other day. I believe it's called The Monster- it was messy and soggy and the paper wrapping stuck to the bread. It was a soggy piece of shit that made me feel like I just went raw dog on a $10 Tijuana whore.