Weekly ****** Update #1


The Ricci/Lawless/Redhead Chick From B52s Alliance
Nana didn't know or was butt buddies with Gavin until after her firing. Were you thinking of SAMCRO Joe calling in to the show the Monday after and making excuses for Nana?
I swear I remember Gavin writing an article defending Ant right after the firing.
I remember thinking back then “it sounds like this is the happiest day of Joe’s life”
I loffd because Opie, Worm, and Moo were going on and on about how "Anthony's not a racist". Everyone was in shock and I think they thought AntH would do an apology tour and mend fences and eventually come back. But then Nana woke up, hungover and her anal egg amped up to 10, and burnt every bridge left and went on the White Nationalist show.