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We made the Houston Press


Sane Sociopath
i'm part of the white grievance community
justice for anth
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This is exactly what Pat would be doing to Annabelle if she were in his life. He's already talked about his fantasies of her being raped and expressed his hope that she will enjoy whomever she chooses to fuck in the future. She isn't even 12 yet. Fuck these degenerates.


Sane Sociopath
They always conveniently leave out there’s more confirmed niggers and spics on here than whites. They also always drag Logan Lynn in, then conveniently leave out the fact he just left it alone.

“Right wing shock jock show” HAHA HOOOOLLYYYY SHIIIITT!!!!!!!!
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Well we do skew heavily towards white guys (and boomia)
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Dog Eater

Under the porch with Jimmy.

His daughter was conceived with IVF. Took 3 years. Anytime you look at a couple and think “surely biology and god wouldn’t want you to reproduce” you are correct.

These fuckin biological dead ends are naturally unable to reproduce, it’s this IVF shit that lets such freaks make kids (so they can fuck them.)


To Seth Simons, "no" means "yes"
Fawkin Fonner LIVES

I still can't get over this. I mean I have aged over the last 20 years as well but I don't look like a Mexican bootleg toy version of myself. I truly believe that the way God designed us, you wear your heart upon your countenance. Hence, wicked people end up looking wicked


Sane Sociopath
Opie and Anthony was a “right wing talk show”? Wow, that’s a new one. These idiots really believe anything “bad” MUST BE RIGHT WING without any proof of this. This is why our country is going to shit and divided, the media wants to put everyone in two groups - good (the left) and bad (the right)

Yeah they were so right wing they had Christ killing Jews (vos, louie) tranny loving faggots (Norton), obese diabetic Niggers (patrice ), soulless ginger cucks (burr) and other non whites (sherrod, dipaolo) on all the time


Sane Sociopath
Funny that they didn’t interview Logan Lynn and ask him how he’s been obviously not discussed lately and why. I mean not ha ha funny but you get where I’m driving here.