Watched Beavis and Butthead Do The Universe (2022)


Hey Hey Hey!
I though it was going to suck, but it actually ruled. Felt like classic Beavis and Butthead and didn't go overboard with all the modern stuff and even the iphone stuff which I was dreading was pretty funny. No woke shit either. It's a similar plot to Do America but with sci-fi stuff and works as a set-up for the revival series. Even had a few moments which tugged at a brothamans heartstrings which I wasn't expecting. The only thing I would say sucked about it is that you can tell the way it was written Mike Judge had intended this to be a theatrical film and Paramount wouldn't give him the money for it to be one so the animation looked a bit cheap and inconsistent at times.

Overall, glad to see they didn't ruin Beavis and Butthead and looking forward to the new episodes. I recommend it.
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(Show reference, Dan)