Was the Band Heart Considered Cool in the 80's?


Blackface Killah
For anyone who was a teen or even early 20s in the 80s: was Heart cool? There was a dude at work today jamming out to These Dreams and I told him that faggot song stunk and he defended it saying it was cool when it came out - which was when he was "a kid." Heart had to be considered faggot rock like Poison, right? Rock guys weren't taking that shit seriously in the 80's, right?


Blackface Killah
Both were fuckable in the seventies.
Yeah they were big,but once 80's were going they did faggy shit just like other bands that were working on being has beens
Poison is a fag band and I hated them in the 80s. I always liked heart and they were considered cool. Barracuda rocks, enjoy prison.
I always considered them an 80s band. I didn't realize they started in the 70s. I guess you can tell shit like barracuda was 70s as fuck, though.


Human garbage
WWAWD Loverboy? Faggy sure but they're still fawkin doin it. Lead singer is fat as shit too but he can still hit the high notes