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Was Rick well compensated when he wrote for the Hill?

Mr. Manorexia

I'm sorry, who are you?



Them boys would fly in the mud over my house
He did it for free to try and start his nonexistent career as another Rick Wilson pedophile-"adjacent" former conservative.

They never offered to pay him. Why would they when any twitter retard who goes viral would be thrilled to write an "op-ed" for their shitty click bait site.

What I'm getting at here is that pat is fatly lying and fat.
Overweight, if you’d allow me


this is like hard evidence that he’s a bad writer. did all 30 get published fatrick? if not, you didn’t get paid bc your writing wasn’t worth anything. six figure author lol what a fucking retard
To add insult to injury, all his unpaid articles are still up on their website. Lol.


Brooke Shields

I scream like a woman at 1:30 AM to female police
Too many possible comments on this

"You will be paid Zero dollars and Zero cents for this, Rick."


"They never paid a penny on the agreed terms..."


I'm sure no pest will use this humiliating confession in his daily unlovable texts...


No wonder he thinks he can just go around not paying things he owes
(Dan this is a reference to our admin Quasi who was sued for a trivial amount)
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