Thomas Apostle's Traveling Virus Tour: Gencon

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i bet you could act as a confused Lady Di and they'd take it as a threat
“Hey, how are ya, is this Anthony? Hey could you not give my phone number out on the air anymore? Every time I have to change my number and that’s $15! Alright thanks hon. Hey, I’ll be in studio next week with Marion. I’ll see ya then!”


Age of Apostle: The Golden Era
It's day 5 and it's time fooor

Sppyy report

My inside man tells me that doctor owen a forms is the talk of the con! The con attendees are so retarded that they still have multiple conflicting narratives on what's happening

Most agree, owen=proudboys
This is likely due to the many text messages stating this to be the case. Con attendees are openly discussing what they will do if assaulted by white supremacists at the con. I've been assured this is exactly as embarrassing to hear as you would expect.

Con attendees are also discussing if the con will move back to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Many blame the text messages on Indiana's pending abortion laws..somehow.

Finally, despite the cons announcement, many are still suspicious that the con security failed. I suspect this is true either way, the head of security is a circus freak that chopped off it's tits.

No doubt has been less than ideal for Patrick, but my source says the few times he has seen Patrick he has been completely alone.. so maybe it's not so bad for the little fella

Is that a handicap washroom?


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