The Rise and Fall and Rise again of Bill Schultz aka Compound Media's breakfast host....

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I was wondering if anyone would ever post an Unpaid Bill thread!



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It was the best Norton has ever been. He was forced to actually prepare and he had to keep it short. His face and the blinking were terrible though
Woh hold on he said he liked Red Eye he didn’t say anything about Jim Norton who wasn’t terrible in his handful of appearances I guess (with Gutfeld holding his hand through it all). But yeah I enjoyed Red Eye a lot when it was Gutfeld-Schulz-Levy slamming each other the whole time. That was a damn funny show. Does anyone know where to watch the old episodes from like 2008-2013?
I never got the hate for Bill. He doesnt bother people. Just some old bean stick, Who just about covers his himself, And still likes to party.

Dude got mad pussy back in his Fox days.
And for better or worse he actually puts some amount of effort into his CM show. The show is just a horrible fit for the network.

JoNo's Rise and Fall was much more pronounced. In her 20's she was a beauty queen, a Fox News babe, and had a budding acting career.

Now she's over 30, waiting tables, dating an "actor", and phoning it in to a shitty paywalled podcast that no one watches.
Is it true he moonlights at a hotel and does DoorDash? I'd like to see photographic evidence of this. Kinda like when Kevin Brennan went to Artie's apartment and asked if he was still a fat junkie.