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The fear of shopping carts has taken over


Calling all simps
Seriously what is this bitch doing all week that she can't make it to the grocery store? God I hate fat people


Salted Earth Truffle

Being a shut-in, that’s your bit?
If you’re a busy person, having Instacart deliver the weekly shop is very helpful; otherwise you’re more likely to buy shit you don’t need (especially if you take the kids with you) and all told you’ll burn a couple of hours of your time.

But my understanding is that this bitch is barren with no job. Is she so afraid of being seen that she’s become a complete shut-in? What does she go outside for? Obviously not workouts.

John Wayne Gacy

Patrick's real father
I bet these delivery services have been a godsend to her. Now she never has to leave the house. Imagine if this was your biggest "problem" you had to face in a day. She is useless.
You hit the nail on the head with that. When I was a junkie, I used those apps all the time because I (rightfully) hated the person I saw in the mirror and knew no normal person would like to see types like me out in public. If there's anything positive for me to take away from Pat's numerous follies, it's that he helped me realize just how much of a self-centered pig slob I was being and that my actions matter to the people I love. I quit drugs and joined a gym and now work towards turning my life around.
Sober by the grace of God, folksh. It can be done!
I don't do drugs no more cuz I love gambling now. Who here plays the lottery? Don't lie!
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Salted Earth Truffle

Being a shut-in, that’s your bit?
I don't get it, how busy is she? Takes 5 seconds to just send back "Yeah, thanks."
It is annoying when the shopper is making 25-30% tip to use the app properly so they don’t have to ask you questions you already took the time to answer in the app. Then again she doesn’t have kids so it’s not like she ever has her hands full and can’t respond lickety-split. She doesn’t even have a job or a reason to wake up in the morning does she?