the butterfly effect caused by one slap on 07/03/2014


Dis duck stirr rive!!


I haven't gained a single pound in years, child.
If Roseanne didnt make a racist tweet, her show wouldnt have been cancelled, and Norm wouldnt have defended her to be in the news for Pat to comment on.

The funny thing is, at least a couple of people from the subreddit had been fucking with him for a while before that Norm tweet. Also he'd been going at it with Anthony about politics at least a year before we discovered him.

It was destiny that the hog was going to come onto our radar at some point but nobody could've ever predicted the hilarity it would lead to. Apostlegate still has to be the single best piece of trolling in history.


I haven't gained a single pound in years, child.
this one in particular blows my fucking mind in the sense that this woman is walking around (if she's still alive) with most likely ZERO idea of what she caused......that's just amazing

It's still mind boggling to me that he thought he could walk around NYC in the middle of the night with his DSLR, taking pictures of random hookers and no bad could come of that.
Can probably even go back farther. Would nana be as unhinged on Twitter if Obama has never been elected? That seemed to be the thing that sent him off the deep end.


I have a face like a shovel
is there a way to connect "The Slap" to Killa Kuhn's kid being windshield food?

Then again, I can't remember the Ethnically Ambigous Baby assassin's greatest feat was pre, or post Slap