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The Assistant


(Voluntarily) torqued boomer
Can't find bill, but here is dennis. Talk about a fag.
Playing Guitar



Sane Sociopath
Anthony Cumias pedophilia is fun and entertaining. This sort of pedophilia is just sick.


The Lizard King
Patrick is defeated, Ooga is banned from entering civilisation, Eric Hildeman has made himself known far and wide as a pedophile defender who users the email [email protected] Paul Weimer is redeeming himself constantly being involved in customer complaints exposing racism at his job.

There are no battles to be fought, now, the war is won.

I need an enemy. I think this fucking ugly freak assistant of Delaney looks like he’s a pedophile. In fact he almost definitely is. Same as Jon Friman.

Just two more GOONS in the SFWA pedophile MOB.