The Assassination of Bernell Trammell by the coward Patrick Tomlinson


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Thanks for the support everyone; there must be justice for Bernell Trammell, Patrick S Tomlinson killed him in broad daylight and the Milwaukee PD has let Patrick S Tomlinson get away with murder. Rest in peace Bernell.

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I dunno...fat?
He was growing fatter into middle age and was living then in a half hovel on North Oakland Avenue.

He installed himself in a fart couch and drank himself to sleep in the evenings as his wife presented facing Negroid anus and reported happily on their lack of children.

His daughter didn't know his face or the sting of his breath in her nostrils.

She didn't know how her father made his living
or why he so often tweeted.

She didn't even know her father's name.

He was listed in the city directory
as Patrick S Tomlinson.

And he went everywhere unrecognized and lunched alone at Hooligans, calling himself an author or political pundit, someone rich and leisured and with the common touch.