That one time Anthony used his real name on Twitter and got banned in record time


He is now on his 20th alt. Why can't he just accept he isn't welcome on Twitter?
It is going to be funny as all fuck when they unban all the people who were banned for politics/misinformation and leave Anthony banned.

Anthony was banned originally for harassing Rosie O'Donnell. And all of his subsequent bans are have been from circumventing the first ban.

He loves to cry victim here but he *wasn't* banned for any conservative political views.

Gay Faggot.

Protecting our white homeland, child.
OJ probably won't try to kill anyone but AntH would absolutely try to fuck someone's young daughter or son
She would just creepily stare. No one wants to hear a nigger yell about black crime statistics when you and the other guests are trying to enjoy the evening. That’s what it really is. Nana could get away with all the same shit if she put in 10% of effort in being funny. She’s just lost.