Slackjawed Cow

I laugh at them because they're all the same.
Jesus christ. He is so addicted to the internet. I bet his daughter doesnt even use it as much. Probably why she gave him her facebook account just to shut him up because he was probably whining about it constantly.
I think he started having a stroke right at the end of that video. Fawk yeah!
You understand these things aren’t mutually exclusive?
One can still despise american federal over-reach literally murdering the citizens it states it wishes to protect whilst also supporting our allies in ukraine. NATO is not the federal government.
and most of all, fuck that goddamn punk Trump. fucking narc cocksucker got played like a fucking fiddle by the russians and then let american politics get so sanctimonious we now have a literal fucking dementia puppet for a president. AND HES STILL ONLY /SLIGHTLY/ LESS INCOMPETENT THAN TRUMP.