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Snorting Pig

Slackjawed Cow

I laugh at them because they're all the same.
You can assume that he was like that in public as soon as bars opened back up all while tweeting about masks and spreading. He was pretty much a super spreader that he was bitching about it. He would sit in the same bar all afternoon coughing and snorting and just because there was a beer in front of him he thought he was immune. That shit is gross in general. Not just for covid but for any type of cold/flu. Shit is gross.


Your chair looks like shit, Fat boy.
I think Josiah refers to his "supervisor" as early as tape one. If Fat had a clue, he would have smelled a rat immediately. Journalists don't have supervisors, they have editors. Josiah slipped up and revealed his professional programmer background.

Luckily for everyone, Patrick is a fucking idiot and let his special boy narcissism get carried away with fantasies of 18 page articles all about him.

As has been pointed out before, Time's Person of the Year gets about the same word count as Pig thought HuffPo were going to give him. Deluded sooey.


Drinks in the airport
Listening to the Josiah Tapes again, starting with the first episode. Patrick snorting his mucus into the phone every few seconds is so fucking disgusting , it’s unbearable. Insufferably effete and still a slob.
“We were going through some bourbon because what else is there to do on a Thursday night during lockdown.” *SNORT*