"Searching Tomlinson is inducing ANXIETY in me!"


severe weder!
What a faggot:

"Our guest tonight is Doctor Hech Towow, he has his PhD in hydrology from the university of tampa .... so Doctor what should people do on days when the temperature goes over 100?" Thats a great question Bambi, what I suggest is that people stay inside in the air conditioning and drink a lot of water"


I will sing while you croak.
Did any of them mention that the FBI and DHS might have other things to do that take precedence over their con? Or do they all think that the FBI is their private security?
If there was a ryder truck carrying fertilizer, maybe. We don't have that kind of luck or commitment unfortunately. Seems like people here just want to laugh and not murder or seriously threaten people which is frankly incredibly gay. Internet is srs business, never forget.