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Patrick admits he's in insurance

I made this comment on a different forum that has since been murdered by trannies (RIP), but it is so fucking funny to me how he can’t just let things go and has to correct the record even if it means giving up more information about himself. One day someone is gonna call him a retard and he’s gonna say “I haven’t been retarded since my mom found a doctor to reverse the diagnosis, stlaker.”
Brokers do get residuals for each policy that is renewed, but after 10 years - it can’t be worth the hassle to collect whatever is left. I also can’t imagine they’d be residuals in perpetuity for every renewal, but maybe they are.
maybe the policies he sold X yrs ago were nearly up, so he had to get 'back in the game' so he could cold-call to ensure they renew & not go elsewhere - losing him the residuals
Not saying this is what he is doing but i have a family member on my wife's side who is an insurance salesman in Canada. He works a bum job day to day and just shills insurance to friends and family hoping they will buy from him. He does no work or salesmanship outside of posting on facebook every now and then about how great the (useless) policies are. I don't care for the fella enough to ask how it works but it seems he gets a bit of commission while the provider will rip whoever took the policy out a new anus with how bad it is. Its one of those where you pay in $50pcm in perpetuity till you die and then they don't pay out because you missed a payment in 1985.

Shane Gillis

Stand-up comedian, Philly
For anyone wondering, Fatrick got his Montana license to sell insurance issued on mid 2020 for the first time.

The rest of the states he can make up some excuse about keeping his licenses active just to get residual income, but a whole new State he had never sold insurance at? yeah nah he's a lying pig

Jerry Jen, it's time to subpoena United Healthcare.