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Ooga gives an interview all about his “disability”


Stand Alone Fruit
Ooga loves to talk about Ooga, also cries he couldn’t get a job to “sustain” him so he refuses to get any kind of job. Cries if you don’t buy his books he will die. I’m serious.


I dunno...fat?
He also says his disability is his back hurts sometimes, he can walk but says his back hurting sometimes makes him disabled
I walked around with a fractured L5 in my spine for almost 3 months before I saw a doctor (I was 20 and retarded.) Didn't miss much class, never missed work, played 6 a side twice a week, despite occasionally being in excruciating pain. Fuck this ooggaa


Stand Alone Fruit
Writers give Ooga good writing advice, Ooga says fuck that noise, that doesn’t work for him because he’s so lazy about the thing he says he needs to do to live and survive.

Also this interviewer is TERRIBLE! Just kissing his ass so she’s not called racist and encouraging his arrogance and lazy work ethic. Oh and writers are just like athletes! Except athletes aren’t big fat slobs of course


Fantastic Man
Ooga doesn’t care about industry standards for his work, he actually “doesn’t give a fuck” about it, standards? Those don’t apply to the very special Ooga. He says doesn’t even believe in a regime and is all around lazy when it comes to his work - his only “job” since he refuses to get a real one. It’s amazing how arrogant he is, no wonder he got turned down for a visa, he believes hes special and the rules don’t apply to him. View attachment 91411
So he's saying he only does 3/5ths the work of white writers?