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Ooga gives an interview all about his “disability”

The Björk Brotherman

Ringo ain't here, nigger. You're on thin ice.


"AnTi-swaTTing laws"
This woke shit has rendered the concept of hustling and paying your dues as a creative obsolete. No longer do people moonlight as authors while working 9 to 5s. They decide they're authors and don't shut up until their career is handed to them. I realize I sound like Joe Cumia but it's true. This nigga gets a stuffy nose and he's running around like he's an amputee.

Most writers are fucked up in some way. Usually in an interesting way. You'd think with his background he'd have PTSD from watching a pregnant villager get gutted in an impromptu c section by an 8 year old with the rusty bayonet of his AK 47. Or at least he's witnessed some crazy shit that he can draw from for his stories. But he seems far more concerned with emphasizing shit like his race and "ailments" which at this point have become the new normal. There's nothing edgy or weird about that shit anymore.

Fucking nauseating. I hope robots replace us all. We deserve this. We deserve robot movie slop and books and music.

Paul Weimaraner

VP Human Resources, Insight Software
I have chronic sinusitis too! I’ll tell my colleague who legit walks like a crippled retard in a job mostly done by former high level athletes that he’s not any more disabled than me. The fucker works his ass off, I’ve never heard him mention his disability (which definitely affects peoples’ perception of him and his ability to work), and he’s a PoC.

What a fucking pussy.


Stand Alone Fruit
Ooga doesn’t care about industry standards for his work, he actually “doesn’t give a fuck” about it, standards? Those don’t apply to the very special Ooga. He says doesn’t even believe in a regime and is all around lazy when it comes to his work - his only “job” since he refuses to get a real one. It’s amazing how arrogant he is, no wonder he got turned down for a visa, he believes hes special and the rules don’t apply to him.